Hunter Testimonials

Twin Pine is a large working ranch nestled in a valley with fantastic views of the mountains. Staff was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and a pleasure to be with during the hunt. Could not ask for better hunt as everything (staff, Buffalo, scenery) was fantastic and an exquisite hunt that came together for a once in a lifetime opportunity.


The ranch was stunning. It is located in one of the most beautiful and serene places I have ever seen. The guide was extremely knowledgeable about the history of the ranch and bison in general. The meat we received from our hunt is very good tasting. These animals were not tame, they did not want to be around us, and the overall hunt experience was better than I expected. Couldn’t have asked for a better bison hunt 5/5 stars for sure.


I have been hunting at the Twin Pine Ranch since 2008. Each experience has been exceptional. The ranch is a beautiful mountain grassland setting. The staff and guides are professional and great poeple. I really look forward to each year’s hunt. My family loves the meat.


The hunt was excellent. Brad is a skilled guide in both finding the animal for you to shoot and setting up a shot to your liking and comfort. The terrain you hunt in is breathtaking; you see both the beauty of Twin Pine Ranch and Brad helps you understand the significance of the ranch’s history.


For a first time ever hunting bison, it was the best experience I have ever had. If you’re interested in doing a bison hunt, definitely call the Twin Pine Bison Ranch. I’m going to make another trip here in a heartbeat.


I’ve been hunting bison at Twin Pine Ranch for 15 years now. I’ve ALWAYS had a great time hunting with Brad and the meat that fills my freezers each year is absolutely DELICIOUS!! I would recommend this quality hunt to anyone who wants to experience hunting bison in Wyoming.


Thank you all for the superb bison hunt for my wife and I. This was number 9 for us at Twin Pine–all hunts have been exceptional! My daughter and son each had their senior year high school trip here and still talk about it to this day. The ranch is beautiful, the scenery spectacular and the guide knowledgeable. Wow! Who could ask for more? We look forward to our next trip when the freezer has room for more!


The Twin Pine Bison Ranch is so beautiful, stunning, and a perfect place for a memorable bison hunt! This is my second opportunity to hunt on the ranch with the professional and personable guide, Brad, which resulted in a magnificent bison bagged! I highly recommend this team and ranch for a more than memorable hunt to check off your “Bucket List”!

Jan & Jerry

The ranch is out of this world. The grasslands are huge. The guide is calm and informative. The guides are patient. The number of bison is amazing. We were among three different herds. Large numbers. They let you pick out your bison. It’s unbelievable how close you can walk to the bison herd. I’m trying to talk my two grandsons and father-in-law into going. I would like to shoot a larger bison next [time]. Thank you to the helper that cared for the bison after the shot. I’m still totally amazed about the hunt. I’m having the hide made into a rug and the head European mounted. It is a hunt that I will never forget. Thanks for a great bison hunt.