Hunter Testimonials

Good Morning Peggy,

This fall, I was able to come out and hunt for a 1-1/2 year old buffalo bull. I wanted to write to you and express my thanks for the wonderful buffalo hunt that was provided. A buffalo hunt was one of my bucket list items and you, Larry, and Brad exceeded my expectations in every way. The meat from the buffalo is the best tasting buffalo meat that I have ever had. We butchered it ourselves and came away with 285 lbs. of high-quality, great-tasting meat. I, my dad, and my uncle enjoyed the experience of the hunt, the stories, history of the ranch, and the guided expertise, on not only the hunt but the aftercare and skinning instruction that was provided. All three of us will be applying for a hunting opportunity in the future. Your ranch is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. I want to wish you many continued years of success and thanks again.

Peggy, Larry and Brad,

Thank you for an awesome experience. You all go out of your way to make everything great and I am very happy with this bull. A trophy bull like this was a once in a lifetime thing for me and I’m so glad to have experienced it with you all. You care for those animals and that’s great to see. He will get appreciated and used in every way I can. Hope to see you all again for a younger one if the opportunity permits someday. Thank you again!

Dear Larry, Peggy and Brad,

Thanks for the awesome day on the ranch, it was so comfortable being your guest on the hunt. We have been enjoying the meat so much already. It means a lot to me to be able to bring meat home to my family that is of the highest quality and I know is treated correctly. You all run a beautiful ranch, that I know these animals are thriving on. I really respect you all! Thanks so much!

Dear Peggy, Larry and Brad,

We want to thank you for the fantastic day. The hunt was so special with Brad explaining everything well and telling us about habits and history of the buffalo. Seeing the ranch with Larry was another great experience. His knowledge of the history of the area plus his sense of humor made it a wonderful afternoon. We’ve told all our family and friends what a remarkable experience it was and hope to come back again for another hunt! Also, after having major surgery, the buffalo meat is one thing I can still eat!

Jean, Fred, and Chris
Hello Peggy, Larry and Brad,

Thank you all for a very enjoyable morning at Twin Pine. As always, it was an adventure that will not be forgotten! The ranch was beautiful as always, the bison were majestic, Peggy maintained her exceptional attention to detail, Larry was his usual entertaining self and Brad was an outstanding guide and all around great person. The weather was memorable, as the fog made the hunt all the more interesting. My now grow children still talk about their experiences at your ranch, so you’ve had an impact on a future generation of hunters. I wish you all continued success!

Best wishes, Tie
Dear Peggy, Larry and Brad,

We just had to send you a note to thank you again, not only for the privilege of hunting your buffalo but for the adventure of a lifetime! It was as much a treat to learn about your ranch and its history as it was to hunt. The whole experience was amazing! We got home safely with a freezer full of buffalo meat and you were right … it’s the best meat we’ve ever eaten! Again, many thanks!

Kelly and Mark
Hello Peggy,

I want to thank you, Larry and Brad, for a great experience. We really had a great time. We want to especially thank you for your hospitality, great correspondence, and just making us feel so comfortable. We want to thank Brad for his great stories about the ranch and knowledge about the buffalo and his patience with the three of us — he was great. I would also like to thank Larry for area history information and the ride back to the ranch house in the 2 1/2 ton truck — kind of reminded me of my military days. I am sure the buffalo will be great table fare. Again, thank you so much for the great trip, and hope to see you again.

Dear Peggy,

Thank you so much for giving my son and myself the opportunity of a lifetime, by allowing us to hunt bison on your ranch. We truly enjoyed our time spent with you , Larry & Brad. The meat is the best tasting , most tender we have ever eaten; we refer to it as “meat candy.” I hope we will have the chance to come back and hunt with all of you again sometime. We took the hides and heads to Wildlife Creations and can’t wait to enjoy them in our home. Once again thank you, and please say hello to Larry and Brad for us!!!

Dennis & Dylan
Peggy, Larry, and Brad,

The hunt and the experience were really Top Shelf; all the information on your ranch and the buffalo was appreciated, welcome and informative. Was a real pleasure to meet all of you folks as well. It was a hunt of a lifetime for me. Your guide was excellent, patient, and fun to be around! We have the meat in the cooler skinned just as Larry had explained and it came out really nice. Hope we can do it again when your herd allows its availability to us again! So looking forward to many nice meals from this animal!! Thanks so much for allowing us to see your wonderful ranch and enjoy your company and a fabulous hunt.